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Rodent Control In Syracuse, NY

Rodent Elimination And Prevention For Your Syracuse Home

Keeping rodents out of your Syracuse home can often feel like a struggle, especially in the winter. Rodents can be quite determined to get into our houses during the cold months because they are often unable to find better shelter than our climate-controlled dwellings. 

What’s worse is that many of the rat and mouse varieties in our area are not native to it. Thus, they are not adapted to survive the frigid local winter conditions and are often entirely dependent on humans for survival due to the fact that they are so ill-suited to the climate here. This can mean even the most stringent rodent prevention measures homeowners take may fail through no fault of their own. 

You might be tempted to just allow rodents to ride out the winter in your attic or crawlspace. After all, if they're not right in your face, it might seem like they are not hurting anything. However, living in close proximity to rodents can have detrimental effects on your health and property, even if you don't see them.

For one thing, rodents carry all sorts of diseases that they can spread through their feces, their dirty feet, and their contaminated hairs. For another, all rodents have teeth that never stop growing. This means rodents are forced to chew on hard items to file down their teeth to the correct length. This can translate into chewing on things like plumbing and electrical wiring, which can lead to disaster on your property.

Our Rodent Control Process

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Unfortunately, rodent control is a lot more difficult than many homeowners believe. This is especially true in places with frigid winters where rodents are highly motivated to remain indoors. Things like traps and bait that you can purchase at the store typically do not eliminate more than a few rodents at a time, which leaves the infestation firmly in place.

Here at Gannon Pest Control, we use state-of-the-art rodent control technologies and techniques to ensure total infestation elimination. We're familiar with all the common rodent problems in the Syracuse area, and we know how to effectively deal with each one. 

To get rid of rodents in Syracuse, we start off by inspecting your home to determine the extent of the infestation as well as the types of rodents that are infesting your home. Understanding whether you have a mouse or a rat infestation, for instance, can help us determine the best course of action for eliminating these diseased and destructive pests. 

Once we determine what kind of rodent infestation your home is experiencing, as well as where rodents are entering and living inside your house, we can formulate a plan for eliminating the infestation. We typically start with professional-grade bait and adjust our process as needed for your property’s needs. We’ll also discuss measures you can take to prevent future infestations once we set about eliminating your existing one. 

Rodents are part of our ongoing residential services, and we like to bait for them inside your house, particularly in the fall, as they are often most problematic in the winter for the reasons we discussed above. So we will prepare your home for them each autumn to nip potential new infestations in the bud.

Rodent Control You Can Trust

While you may not be able to get rid of existing rodent infestations on your own, there are some things you can do to prevent infestations before they occur. Most of the prevention measures that homeowners can take alone involve making their houses less attractive to rodents. This usually means making it harder for them to enter and harder for them to feed themselves when they do. So take measures like: 

  • Store all pantry foods in airtight, hard plastic containers.

  • Cover all indoor and outdoor garbage containers at all times.

  • Get rid of potential rodent hiding spots, like debris and piles of wood. 

  • Seal all construction gaps (things like ventilation holes and condensation outlets) with metal mesh. 

  • Consider using scare tactics like fake owls and cats, but remember to relocate these frequently. 

  • Eliminate convenient sources of water for rodents, like birdbaths and clogged gutters. 

Taking these measures can help keep rodents at bay by making your home a more hostile place for them. However, these measures are not going to work for you if you already have an established infestation. They are only for homes that do not yet have rodents.

If you have an existing rodent infestation or suspect that your rodent prevention measures may have failed, don't hesitate to contact Gannon Pest Control for effective rodent control. We can help you eliminate the rodents already present in your home and work with you to ensure you never have to face an infestation again so don't hesitate. Give us a call or visit our contact page to schedule your rodent inspection today!

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