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Reliable Pest Control In Onondaga, NY

Southwest of Syracuse, Onondaga is a residential community, providing residents with museums, art galleries, theater, and sports. The surrounding area also features lakes and state parks for outdoor recreation, giving residents plenty of enjoyable experiences.

Onondaga properties feature large yards and tree-lined borders. These features provide ample space and privacy but also invite various pests. When the animals around town invade buildings, they cause damage and leave pathogens on surfaces that can spread illnesses to people. Onondaga, NY, pest control professionals can remove these pests and keep others from invading your property.

Gannon Pest Control protects Onondaga and other Upstate New York communities from potentially harmful pests. Our technicians know how to find these creatures and prevent damage and illnesses.

Residential Pest Control In Onondaga

The sprawling land and mountainous surroundings provide Onondaga residents with great views from their properties. Unfortunately, these areas also provide homes for wild animals. While some might search for buildings to invade, others unintentionally approach properties when walking through wooded areas. Either way, they’ll enter your home for food, water, and shelter, potentially causing illnesses and damage.

Our technicians at Gannon Pest Control will inspect your property to find signs of pests and develop a pest-dependent plan. We’ll keep you informed throughout the process and receive your approval before we start. We also offer seasonal protection plans, enabling us to visit your home in the spring, summer, and fall to protect your property.

Numerous pests live around Onondaga, causing trouble for residents. Call us to learn how our residential pest control services can protect your home.

Commercial Pest Control In Onondaga

Onondaga is home to businesses in various industries. Regardless of the products or services, the safety of your employees and customers is essential. Pests can threaten the health of anyone in your facility by spreading pathogens when crawling around. They'll leave them on surfaces, contaminate inventory, and damage your building, impacting production.

Whenever our technicians at Gannon Pest Control visit your business, we’ll inspect your entire facility. During our search, we’ll look for signs of pests, possible attractants, hiding spots, and potential entry points. We’ll draw maps of what we find in your facility and speak with your facility or maintenance staff to determine the best treatment plan. Our commercial pest control services are customized to your building and situation to ensure success.

Pests can threaten the health and safety of your commercial facility when they invade your business. Give us a call to protect your facility from these troublesome intruders.

How To Prevent Wildlife Critters Around Your Onondaga Home

The open space and woods around Onondaga provide excellent natural habitats for wild animals. These creatures live near residences and invade properties for food, water, and shelter. Some will dig into your lawn or eat from your garden, and others will attempt to break into your home if they can find food inside.

Wild animals can cause damage when they enter homes and spread illnesses to occupants. They’ll protect themselves by biting or clawing if they feel threatened, so it’s best to stay away from them. Fortunately, there are ways to keep these creatures from arriving on your property in the first place. Some wildlife prevention tips for your Onondaga home include:

  • Secure lids on garbage bins with rope or cords
  • Trim tree branches away from your house and roof
  • Clean leaves out of your gutters
  • Install animal-proof caps on chimneys

Rather than risking your health by attempting to remove animals from your property, call the wildlife removal professionals at Gannon Pest Control to handle the job. Our technicians will find the critters on your property, use the best methods to remove them, and take steps to prevent further infestations.

Wild animals can be a health risk and cause damage when they invade your home. Let us know if you need help with wildlife on your Onondaga property.

The Many Pests That Spring Preventative Services Can Protect Against

Most pests can’t survive freezing temperatures, forcing them to take refuge during the winter months. Some go into hibernation or underground, while others leave eggs to continue their colony. Regardless of their survival techniques, most pests become active in warm weather, causing problems for residents when spring arrives.

When pests come back during spring, they need food and water. Since these necessities aren’t always available, they might invade residential properties for these sources. Preventative services are essential to keep pests from causing damage and spreading illnesses in your home. Some of the creatures these services protect against include:

  • Bees
  • Ants
  • Beetles
  • Spiders
  • Mosquitoes

Gannon Pest Control provides preventative pest control services for Onondaga residents. We’ll inspect your home to find conducive conditions and potential entry points to keep pests away. We primarily focus on your exterior but can treat your basement as well.

Many pests are dormant during winter but become active during spring. Call us for our spring preventative pest services.

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