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Pest Control In New Hartford, NY

Reliable Pest Control Solutions In New Hartford, NY

New Hartford is a small community in Oneida County and the largest suburb of Utica. Named by settlers from Hartford, CT, it provides various dining and shopping options, and locals get to experience the best of all four seasons, making it an enjoyable place to reside.

New Hartford residents deal with the same pests as other communities. When these creatures invade properties, they’ll damage structures and cause illnesses. There are steps you can take to prevent infestations, but you’ll need help from New Hartford pest control professionals when they get inside.

Gannon Pest Control protects New Hartford and Oneida County properties from various pests. We’ll eliminate infestations and protect you from potential problems.

Residential Pest Control In New Hartford

New Hartford residents enjoy a relaxing lifestyle with great views and friendly neighbors. However, pests can create headaches when they invade your home, causing property damage and spreading illnesses. The only way to protect your home is with residential pest control services in New Hartford.

When you call Gannon Pest Control, we’ll provide a free estimate over the phone and schedule an inspection. We’ll look through common hiding spots and develop a plan to remove pests from your property. We can also provide tips on how you can prevent future infestations.

After treating the interior and exterior of your home, we can return three times a year with our seasonal protection plan. This recurring service enables us to protect your property from seasonal pests. Give us a call to learn more about our residential pest protection.

Commercial Pest Control In New Hartford

Commercial facilities are more vulnerable to pest infestations than other properties. They’re more spacious, provide hiding spots, and are empty at night. While the creatures have free reign of your establishment, they can damage materials, contaminate products, and spread potentially dangerous pathogens.

At Gannon Pest Control, our commercial pest control services start with a thorough inspection of the interior and exterior of your facility. We’ll search every space to find pests, discover how they got into your building, and create a customized treatment plan to solve your problem.

Our technicians have experience working with businesses in various industries, so we know how to help you. We also offer a quarterly protection plan to prepare you for each season. Call us to learn more about our commercial pest control services in New Hartford.

How To Prevent Stinging Insects Around Your New Hartford Lawn

Bees, hornets, and wasps are among the most troublesome stinging insects that invade New Hartford properties. These pests usually aren’t a problem if you avoid them, but they’ll sting if you attempt to remove them or disturb their nest.

The venom of most stinging insects isn’t enough to cause medical issues, but they can be painful. Additionally, some people are allergic to stings, potentially resulting in allergic reactions. Preventing these insects from invading your property will help you avoid their troublesome stings.

While you should avoid removing these pests, you can prevent them. Some tips to keep stinging insects from your New Hartford property include:

  • Keep your food covered while outdoors.
  • Cover your garbage cans with tight-fitting lids.
  • Remove standing water from your property.

When these prevention tips don’t work, call the experts at Gannon Pest Control for help. Our technicians will treat your house, garage, deck, shed, and anywhere else these pests reside. In addition to treating existing nests, we’ll prevent new ones from forming. We use the most effective methods to remove them and can return to keep these animals away from your yard.

Stinging insects in New Hartford can cause you to avoid certain parts of your property, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Contact us to learn how we can keep these pests away from your property.

How To Tell If Carpenter Ants Have Found Your New Hartford Home

Carpenter ants are among the most troublesome insects to invade New Hartford properties. They chew through wood, potentially weakening the structural integrity of your home over time. These tiny intruders can be hard to spot, allowing them to remain in your home. Fortunately, you don’t have to see them tell they’re around.

When carpenter ants invade your home, they’ll leave signs of their presence. Knowing these signs will help you avoid carpenter ant damage to your home. Indications of carpenter ants in your New Hartford home include:

  • Workers or swarmers
  • Small holes in the surface of the wood
  • Sawdust-like shaving around the holes in wood

If you recognize these signs of ants in your house, call the professionals at Gannon Pest Control for help. Our technicians use the best techniques and products to remove carpenter ants and will take steps to prevent them from returning. We’ll also educate you on effective ways to prevent future infestations in your home.

Carpenter ants can cause irreparable damage to your house if you allow them to remain. Call us today to learn how we'll remove carpenter ants from your New Hartford home.

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