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Critter Services In Syracuse, NY

Got Critters?

We do not provide pest control services in Syracuse for chipmunks, skunks or anything bigger than typical house rodents.

Here are some helpful “Do It Yourself” tips to keep the critters out of your space!

  • Animals frequently gain entry under the eaves of buildings.
  • Look for smudge marks on corners of buildings where animals may have climbed.
  • Keep trees next to house trimmed with no limbs that overhang roofs.
  • Animals look for food and shelter. Reducing the amount of available food and shelter will make the area less attractive to animals.
  • Don’t leave trash out all night. Animals that are attracted to trash are mostly nocturnal.
  • Keep the area under bird feeders clean, and squirrel-proof the feeders.
  • Feed pets indoors or bring the food bowls inside at night and clean up any food spills.
  • Rake up and remove fruit or nuts that fall from trees that are near buildings.
  • Keep a clean border around buildings. Mow grass and remove brush or debris piles.
  • Install chimney covers to prevent raccoons, bats, squirrels, and birds from going down chimney flue.
  • Cover dryer vents with a bird-proof vent cover.
  • Squirrel-proof with a bird-proof vent cover.
  • Close garage doors at night.
  • Install window well covers.
  • Treat lawns to reduce grub population. Grubs are a favorite food of skunks.
  • Use steel wool in the cracks in the foundation to keep mice out of your basement

Peak Times Of Year For Animal Problems

  • Bats are not pests, per se. They are beneficial, and in some cases, protected species of mammals who eat mosquitoes, among other things. Young bats are born late May through early July. They begin flying in late July. August is peak time for bat problems. Young bats often get confused trying to find their way back to the colony and end up inside houses.
  • Raccoon: Active all year round except for the coldest time in January. Young are born on average from March through May usually 3-5 young.
  • Squirrel: From March through May females seek places to raise their young. Squirrels typically have from 2-6 young per litter. From September through February squirrels create winter dens often in attics with 8-10 squirrels per den. Squirrels are active during daylight hours except for flying squirrels which are nocturnal.
  • Woodchuck: Activity peaks during July and August. Young are born during May with 3-5 young per litter.
  • Skunk: Breeding season is mid-February. Male skunks travel from den to den seeking females. If female skunk is not receptive to male she will spray him. Young are born from May through June with 4-7 kits per litter. Young skunks emerge from the den around the first of July. During late September through October young skunks look for places to spend the winter often getting under or into homes and buildings.

Skunk Deodorizer

1 qt. hydrogen peroxide
4 oz. baking soda
1 tsp. dish liquid

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