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Pest Control In Cicero, NY

Reliable Pest Control Solutions In Cicero, NY

Cicero is a suburb of Syracuse in the northeastern part of Onondaga County. In addition to shops and restaurants, the city features numerous entertainment options, including miniature golf, a trampoline park, and the Esta Safety Park Dragstrip. It also borders Oneida Lake, providing various water activities, and the Cicero Swamp Wildlife Management Area for hunting.

The lake and hunting preserve enable various animals to live in Cicero. Unfortunately, these creatures need warm places to stay during the winter or safe places to escape predators. If they decide to invade residential or commercial properties, they can damage buildings and spread illnesses to residents. Cicero pest control professionals know the safest and most effective ways to avoid these problems.

Gannon Pest Control provides expert pest solutions for residents of Cicero and other Onondaga County communities. Our technicians have the tools and training to eliminate infestations on your property.

Residential Pest Control In Cicero

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Pests can cause problems when they invade Cicero homes, spreading damage and illnesses as they move around. Many invasive pests are nocturnal, so they’ll only move at night, making them hard to discover. They’re also protective and bite if you attempt to handle them. Leaving their removal to professionals is the best way to avoid troubling situations.

At Gannon Pest Control, our residential pest control services in Cicero start by discussing your pest problems. We’ll learn what you’re seeing and investigate ourselves, looking for pests and entry points. This inspection allows us to develop a customized treatment plan for your home. The best removal option depends on the animal, and we’ll keep you informed throughout the process.

We also provide a seasonal protection plan, returning three times annually to treat your home. During our spring, winter, and fall visits, we’ll build a barrier to keep pests out and treat any we find. Call us today to discover how we can protect your Cicero property.

Commercial Pest Control In Cicero

Pests are common problems for Cicero businesses. They enter buildings for food, water, and warmth but damage equipment and products while inside. They can also cause health concerns for employees and customers when they leave pathogens around your facility. The safety of the people in your building is essential, so you need a commercial pest control plan for protection.

Our process at Gannon Pest Control starts with an inspection of your facility. We’ll draw maps, discuss how to remove pests, and identify vulnerabilities that attract them. Once we determine the problem, we’ll create a customized treatment plan and provide a barrier around your perimeter to avoid future issues.

Operating a business is time-consuming, so we’ll work with you to find the best day and time for service. Contact us to find out more about our commercial pest services in Cicero.

How Spring Preventative Services Can Protect Your Cicero For Summer

Some pests threaten Cicero homes year-round, but others are dormant or live underground during the cold New York winters. When spring arrives, these pests reappear and create additional problems for homes and businesses. For this reason, you have to be even more vigilant during this time of year.

Pests will continue to cause problems the longer you allow them to remain on your property, so quickly identifying infestations and calling local pest control professionals for help will keep your home or business safe.

Some signs to look for during spring include:

  • Pest droppings
  • Termite tunnels
  • Chew marks
  • Grease marks
  • Musty odors

When you call Gannon Pest Control, we’ll eliminate the Cicero pests in your building and provide preventative treatment around the exterior. We’ll also take steps to keep pests from invading your basement, stopping infestations before they happen.

Spring draws many pests out of hiding places, creating new threats in your building. Call us to learn how we can help with spring preventative services to help protect your home or business.

How To Prevent Wildlife Around Your Cicero Property

The Oneida Lake and Cicero Wildlife Management Area provides homes for various wild animals. While these creatures stay in these areas most of the year, they might leave and invade local properties to find food, water, or shelter. They can damage your structure if they get inside and bite if you try to remove them.

When wild animals enter your building, they’ll find hard-to-see hiding spots and cause damage in those areas. The best way to prevent these issues is to stop these pests from entering in the first place.

Some prevention tips to avoid wildlife include:

  • Fix broken vents or loose siding.
  • Install mesh screens or caps on chimneys.
  • Place tight-fitting lids on garbage cans.
  • Eliminate brush, leaves, or debris from your yard.

Once these creatures enter your building, you’ll need help from the Cicero wildlife control professionals at Gannon Pest Control. Our technicians will inspect your property to find wild animals and use the best methods to remove them. We’ll also take steps to prevent future infestations and can return during each season to ensure our techniques are successful.

Many wild animals live around Cicero and can cause problems for residents. Let us know if you spot wildlife on your Cicero property.

Tips To Prevent Stink Bugs Around Your Cicero Home

Stink bugs are hard to miss if you find them around your Cicero home. Their bodies are shaped like a shield and are multicolored, being green, black, and orange. While they are mostly just a nuisance, stink bugs will produce a foul odor when they feel threatened and can congregate in large numbers. If you want to keep stink bugs out of your home, try these tips:

  • Close off entry points. To keep stink bugs from getting inside of your home, opt for weatherstripping to make windows and doors fit in a snug manner. You may also benefit from applying caulk to any crevices in your foundation. 

  • Dry out your house. Moisture sources are appealing to stink bugs, so fix leaks that you find both indoors or outside. You will also want to make sure that none of your drains are clogged.

  • Use lights sparingly. Stink bugs are also attracted to light sources, so be sure to turn off porch lights before you go to bed. 

  • Bring in the pros. If you want extra assurance in preventing a stink bug problem around your home, think about enlisting help with professional pest control. A pest expert will be able to apply the necessary treatments to repel stink bugs while also helping you reduce the features around your home that attract them. 

If you need stink bug control for your home, call Gannon Pest Control today.

What Types Of Stinging Insects Live Around Cicero?

Cicero residents are no strangers to stinging insects because the area is home to a variety of different species. One of the most common types is the wasp, which is noted by its tapered waist and striking black and yellow coloring. Wasps are also known for their territorial nature and have the ability to sting people repeatedly. Hornets, which are a type of wasp, are also easily agitated and possessive. They are more tubular shaped and are brown and yellow with fuzzy bodies. Honey bees are also a typical stinging insect in the area. They are attracted to sweet flowers and are some of the most prolific pollinators. Honey bees are known to use their stinging to deliver a very painful attack to the unsuspecting. For more information on stinging insect control, call Gannon Pest Control today.

Guide To Rodent Prevention In Cicero

Once rodents move into properties, they can cause significant property damage, spread health risks such as hantavirus, and be very challenging to evict. To limit exposure to future rodents, try these tips:

  • Tend to landscaping. Rats in particular are very swift climbers. They may take advantage of overhanging trees that come into contact with homes as a means to enter them. Try to prune regularly, paying special attention to these areas. 

  • Make trash a priority. Garbage is one of the most appealing things to rats and mice as it is a key food source for them. Whether indoors or outdoors, always use trash bins with proper lids and never miss garbage collection day. 

  • Take away water sources. Rodents are also on the search for places to drink, so make sure that there are no problematic pipes or fixtures. Additionally, try to keep basements, closets, and crawl spaces ventilated.

  • Be neat and tidy. To further reduce rodent attraction, vacuum and clean on a regular schedule. Pay special attention to crumbs and food residue, as well as clutter in areas like the attic. 

  • Ask for help. For an added layer of protection from potential rodent invaders, consider working with a pest control professional. They will be able to use professional-grade products and perform exclusion to limit any future activity. 

For more information on rodent prevention in Cicero, call Gannon Pest Control.

Cockroaches: One Of The Toughest Pests To Remove From Cicero Homes

Cockroaches are notoriously challenging pests to eliminate. They reproduce in large quantities and crushing them individually is ill-advised because of the pathogens that spread through their tough outer layer. Cockroaches can also live for long periods of time without access to food or water, so they are very unlikely to leave a property that they’ve already infested. Additionally, some species, like the German cockroach, have been developing an immunity to many common forms of treatment. 

When it comes to getting rid of cockroaches completely and without stress, consider professional services from Gannon Pest Control. We have been bringing our “can-do” attitude and attention to detail to local homes since 1997. Each home that we treat receives its own plan of action because no two cockroach infestations are the same. Our service begins with a conversation with homeowners about the cockroach activity that they’ve seen. We then follow this up with a comprehensive home evaluation to locate the cockroaches as well as any factors that might have attracted them. Next, we make the necessary applications that will target cockroaches. To benefit from ongoing protection, we may recommend our seasonal program that includes follow-up visits. But no matter what, our work is always warrantied. For more information on cockroach control in Cicero, call us today.

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